Vetica is a global, strategically oriented, brand and design agency headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Germany, China and Taiwan.


Let's talk about Vetica - Part 5 KWC

The brand consultants and designers from Vetica have breathed new life into the KWC brand in close cooperation with the client. An interview with the CDO from KWC, Mr. Roland Gloor.


Review: 20th anniversary celebration

On 07.09.2018 we celebrated our big Vetica anniversary celebration in Lucerne with many emotional moments. A big thank you to all who joined in the celebration.


From West to East and back again

For one of the latest Vetica projects, our brand designer Muriel Blanc was able to work from Taipei for several weeks. A personal report:


The Vetica House— Among Culture and Creativity

Vetica Taipei unfolds a new chapter upon moving to its new base in Dadaocheng, Taipei — An area of historical richness.


Let’s talk about Vetica – Part 4 Bionime

A high-quality healthcare experience with Bionime and Vetica.


Another award for highest design quality

Vetica receives the 2018 Red Dot Design Award for Microlife's thermometer innovation.