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Pioneer of Communication Technology and Enterprise Cybersecurity

CTOne, a global cybersecurity leader in communication technology/ a subsidiary of Trend Micro, with over 30 years of experience in information technology (IT) security inherited from Trend Micro, CTOne bridges the communication technology (CT) gap by dedicating resources to the development of enterprise cybersecurity. CTOne helps enterprises integrate IT and CT technologies for digital transformation, to ensure to keep enterprises at the forefront of the market. 

With the development of 4G/LTE network technology, consumers are able to enjoy a convenient digital lifestyle. In 2016, Trend Micro established a telecom-focused security R&D team to develop security solutions to provides consumers with secure mobile Internet access. As technology continues to evolve, 5G communication technology is becoming the mainstream of next-generation mobile networks with reality of its open, highly flexible, and secure design to provide larger companies with a better option for building private mobile networks.  

To foresee that the next generation of communications will be heavily adopted and deployed in the future, Trend Micro has quickly shifted its focus from consumers to enterprises as its main target users. In 2019, the original team began investing in the research of cyber threats in enterprise private 5G networks. 

CTOne, a subsidiary of Trend Micro, was established in response to the transforming of new business model, which is deeply aware of the brand positioning for a new business requires a unique and clear brand image to convey its professionalism and tail-made services to their clients. This is also the starting point of CTOne branding journey, co-created with Vetica team. 

Based on Trend Micro’s cybersecurity business structures and CTOne’s brand foundation strategy, Vetica team formally planned the project kick-off  meetings, qualitative interviews with CTOne core members, and branding workshops to build the basement of the brand essential system, including the following areas: brand slogan, brand identity, motion brand identity, brand colors, product identity, brand marketing implementation design, and brand style guide. 

Brand Iconic Symbol : Futuristic Technology & Dynamic Innovation

The CTOne symbol is developed from the letter “C” in the brand name and is raised at a 45-degree angle to the upper right, representing the brand’s philosophy of continuous improvement and innovation. The T-shaped ball at the top right of the symbol echoes the ball of the letter “C”, which is not only derived from the association of Trend Micro’s trademark T ball, but also embodies the brand’s diversified and multi-faceted information security technology.

The CTOne logo also echoes the pioneering spirit of CTOne, with a gradient color scheme of magenta, fuchsia (derived from Trend Micro’s brand color, red), and sky blue, infusing the CTOne logo with a futuristic and dynamic feel.

The brand naming system of Trend Micro’s new business unit, “CT”, abbreviated from “Communication Technology”, is presented in bold weight, while “One”, from Trend Micro’s naming system, is presented in light weight. The dark color of the logotype presents a sense of trust and professionalism.

Brand-New Mission – To Protect the Next-generation Wireless Networks for Digital Transformation

To embrace the new generation of communication technology and the massive future demand for enterprise private networks, Trend Micro has invested dedicated resources to establish CTOne in January 2023, launching a new brand with the new mission – to unleash the power of next-generation wireless communication with infinite possibilities.

Special thanks to Mr. Jason Huang, CEO, Mr. Hideyuki Tsugane, VP of Business Development, Mr. Sam Lin, VP of R&D, and Mr. Jack Hu, Product Marketing Manager, for their contributions of more than 10 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry and for their comprehensive vision of this project.

As a pioneer of communication technology and enterprise cybersecurity, it is necessary to build the power of our brand with branding partners. During the process of the project, Vetica team comprehended the key essentials of brand growth for the new business and demonstrated the uniqueness of CTOne in the brand-new communication technology field of global cybersecurity.

CTOne Inc. CEO Jason Huang