Product design – Because identities also have three dimensions

Icons of your success

Your products are a part of your identity and therefore your number-one brand ambassador. That’s precisely how they should be designed. We give your products a distinctive profile to enable you to enthral your customers sustainably. Product design requires cooperation and co-creation. Here too, we take a strategic approach, developing everything that is crucial for the design of your products, from the design principles and the “look and feel” through to guidelines. As part of this, we integrate your strengths and know-how throughout the entire design process because this is the only way we can truly incorporate your values and expertise into the language associated with your products. In doing so, we continually keep your entire product portfolio in mind and draw up product designs that help ensure your corporate image is consistent and independent.

  • Portfolio Audit
  • Corporate Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Prototyping (3D Print, 1:1 Mockups)
  • 3D Modelling / CAD
  • Visualizations (CGI) Renderings
  • Materialisation Research
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Design Support for Engineers
  • Ergonomic und Usability Testing
  • Sourcing (Asien)
  • Corporate Product Design Guidelines
  • Customer insights
  • Design steering committee
  • User Experience



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