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Maximum power inminimum space

The A400 Fast-charger completes the ABB e-mobility portfolio with a powerful and reliable charging station.

The new design for the latest ABB charging stations was created in close collaboration with the engineering team of ABB. From the first sketch to 3D drawings and several 1:1 prototypes, the team from Vetica and the engineers from ABB quickly agreed on the direction the design should take: “Seamless” – self-explanatory in use and with a clear design language.


The idea behind “Seamless Design” is that the entire user guidance and user experience is so intuitive and simple that no prior knowledge is required. Even from a distance, the LED strip at the top of the A400 charging station shows the current status: occupied, free, under maintenance, etc.). The large display also provides information on the exact charging status to predict the remaining time at the charging station. Four haptic buttons, the integrated payment terminal and charging plugs with integrated LEDs guide every user clearly to their destination. The clean cable management also helps to guide the massive and heavy cables to the electric car without any problems.

With the jointly developed new design solution, we have achieved high reliability, durability and performance in a charging station.

ABB's first end-user product was unveiled at CES 2023 - the pioneering AC charger for the home.

Vetica has developed the customer needs by means of persona definition, qualitative interview (customer survey) and the resulting requirements. On this basis, the innovative product design including the user guidance UX/UI was developed, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. The process was especially through 1:1 prototype (rapid prototyping) and the workshops fast and constant exchange.

The new ABB Terra Home charging station offers an unprecedented range of options. It enables an even greater number of people to easily switch to electric mobility.

ABB E-mobility’s new Terra Home charging solution not only sets a new benchmark for sustainable charging solutions, but also for style and ease of use. VETICA’s minimalist design, choice of materials and variety of options for custom covers mean it fits seamlessly into any architecture and lifestyle.
Interactive LED indicators show the status of charging, while notifications of charging status are easily accessed via the ABB E-Mobility Charger APP, which can also be used to authenticate a charge, ensuring that only the owner can connect to their Terra Home.

ABB E-mobility’s new home charging solution thus helps drivers achieve their personal sustainable mobility goals.
The cloud connection between Terra Home and ABB E-mobility allows the charger to be maintained quickly and efficiently from a distance. Remote firmware updates further ensure future-proof and continuously updated usage.

Vetica was a great partner, delivering a stunning product that exceeded our expectations for the ABB E-mobility home charging solution. The Terra Home charging station reflects our values of innovation and sustainability with its sleek and customizable design, premium materials, and accessibility. Vetica's creativity and dedication to their craft resulted in a design that sets a new standard for home charging solutions, from consultation to final product.

Loredana Negriu, Global Product Manager AC Charging, Destination, ABB E-mobility

Speed matters - the ABB Terra 360 is the fastest high-performance charging station in the world.

Compact and powerful – the Terra 360 high-performance charging station brings more charging power to all electric vehicles.

The new ABB Terra 360 is the fastest all-in-one charger on the market. It was developed by ABB in collaboration with VETICA specifically to meet the needs of today’s e-drivers. The ABB Terra 360 is much more powerful, flexible, user-friendly and designed for better accessibility and usability.

Availability for any electric vehicle

The ABB Terra 360 is a charger for everyone. It can charge up to 4 vehicles at the same time, supporting the main charging standards, and can do 100 km in less than 3 minutes of charging.

ABB’s engineering teams developed the new design, together with our Vetica design team in a close co-creation process. With its distinct design concept and intuitive user interface, the ABB Terra 360 offers the end user an exceptional charging experience.

Shaping the future with VETICA - with bidirectional technology


ABB’s bidirectional V2G technology allows electric vehicles to be used as part of a larger system. During periods when electricity demand increases, fully charged vehicles can feed their stored energy back into the network. ABB’s bidirectional technology (V2G) opens up new opportunities for energy trading and smart energy management to achieve this. V2G technology enables energy stored in electric vehicle batteries to be released, allowing households and fleets to support the grid during peak demand. V2G gives utilities access to renewable energy stored in vehicles so they can better balance loads and alleviate grid congestion.

ABB’s Vehicle-to-Grid technology

With the number of electric vehicles on the world’s roads expected to reach 559 million by 2040, our energy ecosystems must evolve.
We at VETICA believe that energy needs to become smarter and more connected.

For VETICA, sustainability means to always go that extra mile

ABB’s V2G technology is a key component in the strategy to combat climate change. VETICA is helping ABB make this new technology easier and more efficient with world-class product design and intuitive interaction solutions. The opportunities for change in these challenging times and our roles as designers have never been more exciting.

User-Centered Design

In order to successfully bring a new technology such as the V2G solution to the market, firstly it is necessary to understand the needs of the future users. The user-friendliness, the general usability, as well as a flawless interaction with the new technology must allow safe and easy access. Therefore, hardware and software must be equally tuned to each other. In a close co-creation process with ABB, VETICA was able to realize its second fascinating charging station project.

Get fit for the future with Vetica

In collaboration with Vetica, ABB is creating the conditions for the future of emission-free mobility. The first step in this is ABB’s new Terra HP electrical charging staging, which can reload the batteries of electric vehicles in just 15 minutes.

The market for electric cars will continue increasing in the coming years. The models of tomorrow will have significantly more powerful batteries and thus a greater range. The maths is clear: more electric cars = more charging stations. Vetica developed the product design for ABB’s new Terra HP charging station on the basis of the prevailing standards in the automotive industry. Throughout the entire design process, safety and user-friendliness were of the utmost importance.

Better, faster, further: the ABB Terra HP charges the batteries of electrical vehicles in just 15 minutes

The new Terra HP charging station is designed for public use and has a shatter-proof casing that protects the sensitive components inside. The “window” at the top of the charging station gives surveillance cameras maximum visibility and serves as a kind of traffic light, enabling drivers to see from afar whether the station is occupied or available for use, depending on the colour indicated. ABB has already installed more than 2,000 of these Terra HP charging stations in the United States and Australia. We are therefore looking forward to the next steps on the road to emission-free mobility.

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