As a design and branding agency, we tease out your strengths and showcase them. In this way, we transform your corporate strategy into lasting value that your customers can grasp and experience.

Maintaining and profiting from value

For more than 20 years, we have been developing comprehensive brand, product and service solutions for international and regional brands. In doing so, we develop unique and unmistakeable customer experiences and enable you to create value. One key aspect of our approach is co-creation, in other words, close and iterative collaboration with our clients. It is therefore hardly surprising that our brand and product designs have won many international awards.








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Managing a long-term strategy in a far-sighted and responsible manner is just as important as the initial development itself. That’s why we draw up strategies that look far into the future and help you create value.

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Digital Design

The digital interaction between people, technology and brands determines their success. We develop brand experiences across all digital touchpoints and thus consolidate your customer relations.

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Product Design

We provide your products and services with clear, unmistakeable contours. To do so, we translate the core values and potential of your brand into a comprehensible design language for your products.

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Strong brands ensure a uniform experience across all touchpoints. We ensure that your brand matches the zeitgeist and your position – and can grow.

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Open positions

Internship (w/m/d) im Bereich Industrial Design (Luzern)

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Even if you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re always interested in hearing from exciting personalities and portfolios.


Kurt Lustenberger

Solving major problems requires attention to detail. That’s why we try to improve even the smallest wheels in the gearing.

Peter Wirz

Based on many years of experience, the design of the right management is just as important as the management of the right design. Lives and loves what he does and does what he loves and lives.

Florian Wassermann

The detail often obscures the view of the big picture, but is still no less important. – (Grew up with Otfried Preussler’s “Der kleine Wassermann”, in the truest sense of the word.)

Cecilia Reber

I love to connect with people and explore how design can be applied in different contexts.

Jasmin Hilber

The specialty begins with what you have deep enthusiasm and joy for.

Sara Meier

Whoever writes should have something to say.

Leony Schmidig

Design is in a constant state of change. As a designer, I look for problems that need to be solved. I research, analyse and optimise. I look for answers for the present or show which paths we can takes as a population.

Stefan Thomet

A creative mind with a technical background. I love to balance technology and design, always considering economic factors. I am detail-oriented and have a passion for seeking the ideal solution to the problem posed.

Tobias Nüesch

Every setback is a setup for a comeback. Loves to create something new together with professionals.

Lindsay Hou

Cherish your voice and make it heard.

Jillian Cheng

Would you risk falling for the chance to fly? Get drunk with your dream – now or never.

Sabrina Wirz

Doing is like wanting – just tougher. Lives for good marketing concepts and even better realisation. Happiest in, on and around water.

Thomas Kettner

From my point of view, creativity means having the courage to make mistakes – because this is only way to create something new…. and as Walt Disney once said: “if you can dream it – you can do it.“

Giovanni Doci

I like to find solutions and use my hands to build them. Things that make me happy are my family’s smiles and blue skies.

Doreen Cheng

More revenue and less expense to achieve high profit is the main goal in accounting. Also balancing your life and career.

Barbara Wirz

To do a great job is to love what you do. Over the years, the sense of how and why you do what you do becomes clearer and clearer.

Keith Chong

Creativity thrives on the interplay of conflicting ideas, leading to innovative solutions and encouraging the exploration of different perspectives.

Carsten Jörgensen

Good design emerges beyond cultural, social, environmental and economic management clichés.

Susan Casella

Design is like a puzzle, each piece must fit perfectly to create a beautiful and functional whole. And I love the challenge of solving it!

Claire Weizenegger

Sees design as an intermediary between information and understanding. Lives an enthusiastic such as efficient work approach.

Julie Grosjean

Design knows no boundaries, which is where the appeal resides. With openness and imagination, the inconceivable can be created.

Michele Defilippo

Hi, I’m an eternal romantic in love with everything that has a GUI. Give me something high-tech and I’ll be the happiest person in the world!

Prof. Jan-Erik Baars

To be capable of using design to its full potential, it must have a strong presence in the soul of the company.

Joyce Wu

Seeking inspiration from life & Be proud of who you are.