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A new business segment is born

In the past, the successful Hochdorf-based Swiss window manufacturer 4B bundled its window-making and facade construction, real estate and bathroom fittings divisions under a single umbrella brand. 4B Badmöbel AG produced and sold tailor-made bathroom furniture for the B2C sector. However, it soon became clear that its construction-related window-making and facade construction divisions could not be united under the same umbrella brand as its design-oriented production of bathroom furniture. This is where Vetica came in.

Following a sound analysis of the market, the target groups and the 4B brand for bathroom furniture and the development of a new corporate and brand strategy, 4B’s management decided to separate its bathroom furniture segment from the 4B umbrella brand. This resulted in the creation of the Talsee brand. Vetica supported the management with the challenging strategy and brand development, all the way through to the market launch. In parallel to this, the entire product range and the nationwide showrooms were altered in line with the new positioning and the different customer requirements.

A new business segment is born

Since the launch of the Talsee brand, the bathroom furniture segment has been enhanced and has enjoyed significantly more attention on the market. Within a space of a short time, Talsee has become a successful manufacturer of individual, high-quality, design-oriented bathroom furniture. The interior design of its flagship store in Hochdorf, where customers and potential customers can experience the Talsee brand world with all their senses, was designed by Vetica.

“Vetica’s holistic approach, which spans everything from the strategy to product design, is actively embraced in practice. We were thus able to implement the solutions at Talsee very successfully.”

Bruno Scherer, CEO Talsee

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