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The Vetica Group is an independent, globally operating and strategically oriented brand and design agency based in Switzerland and with offices in Germany, China and Taiwan.

“Our understanding of design is that it is not simply about external value, but about progress, unique customer experiences and – last but not least – the successful transformation of business models. This fascinates and motivates us to generate sustainable growth for businesses, change the rules for industries and companies and develop resource-friendly solutions. Our team has the expertise to not only create award-winning solutions and turn new business strategies into tangible solutions, but above all to motivate people, change the way they act and create more quality of life.”

Peter Wirz, Group Managing Director and Chairman of the Board

Our work

We don’t simply consider individual projects, but always take an overall view. That’s why our clients trust in Vetica’s expertise.

Our agency

Making good things even better

Since 1998, we have been developing comprehensive brand, product and service solutions for our local and international clients. We can therefore transform your corporate strategy into value that your customers can experience, no matter what the touchpoint may be. Our multi-award-winning services can help you with product design, branding, digital design and strategy.

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On the occasion of the largest Swiss construction trade fair SWISSBAU 2020, VETICA again presented numerous highlights for our customers such as...

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On Stage with Vetica

Vetica was part of the Taipei International Design Award 2019. Our CEO Peter Wirz shared his toughts about real design leadership on the TIDA-Stage in...

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