Catapulting a brand into the global market


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Creating an international brand for the global market

Specialized in the manufacture and distribution of Hydraulic Machinery, Tung Yu has established a market presence, and with it is recognized by customers for their high brand exposure in the global rubber industry. Facing the global expansion, Tung Yu realized the importance of establishing a visionary international brand. Thus, Tung Yu took the next step towards globalized operations and redefined its brand identity system by cooperating with Vetica.

A system to lead cross-cultural communication

The rebranding of Tung Yu started from the redefinition of its brand slogan. Realizing that Tung Yu’s success came from its leading Hydraulic Forming Technology and the innovative mindset, the Vetica team therefore redefined the brand slogan as “Forming Innovation” to echo the brand spirit. Vetica understands the importance of creating a brand identity design system to play the role of cross-cultural communications for global enterprises such as Tung Yu.

By using easy-to-read font, sleek and clear lines, and gradient color as sub-graphics, the Vetica design team successfully expressed the force and heat of hydraulic molding, and elevated Tung Yu’s brand value to the highest level.

Creating a strong brand through strong values

The rebranding of a B2B business is the transformation of the company’s advantages in R&D and manufacturing to an easy-to-communicate brand image. To reach the goal of enhancing brand perception and reliability, a well-designed brand strategy and a corresponding brand identity system were definitely required.

From the brand slogan to the consistent planning and execution of the identification system, Vetica has fully demonstrated Tung Yu’s core values of “integrity”, “innovation”, and “professionalism”, making Tung Yu an international leader in their field.

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