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The traditional Swiss brand

The traditional Swiss brand LAUFEN is one of the leading international manufacturers of bathroom ceramics. For more than 110 years LAUFEN has been producing washbasins, bidets and toilets – with state-of-the-art equipment and proven Swiss precision. Our product design team has maintained a close design partnership with LAUFEN since 2001, from which many successful products have emerged and more are currently being developed.


Versatile and timeless

MEDA – the new LAUFEN bathroom collection by Vetica, feels familiar from the first moment and fits into any environment, from rented flats to hotel suites. The collection reflects the proven virtues of Swiss design: clear forms reduced to the essentials, serene elegance, functionality and flexibility suitable for everyday use.

What was the goal for the new MEDA collection?
To create a new collection for everyone, for every home and for every market. This includes the highest quality and timeless design that works, whether it takes centre stage or acts as a reliable friend in the background. That is MEDA.


The multifunctional faucet from Laufen

Vetica developed a completely new branding for Laufen’s new multifunctional faucet collection. This included the development of the name “Vara”, a new CI/CD with primary and secondary colours, the selection of suitable typography and the design of new set of icons. The new claim “My water. My home” was also developed by Vetica.


Laufen’s new Vara brand should function independently on the market and yet allow a connection to the Laufen roots. The challenge was therefore to design a solid, high-quality logo that could be associated with Laufen on closer inspection.


For the Vara CI/CD, we defined the colour scheme, new typography and the mood for the imagery. For the colour scheme, we wanted to implement warm, earthy tones that clearly stand out from the colourscheme of todays competition. For the new typography and the design for the imagery, we focussed on a high-quality look and solid touch.

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The multifunctional faucet Vara serves several functions in one device. Hot, almost boiling water (98 degrees Celcius), chilled filtered water and carbonated water. All from one faucet. To ensure easy and safe handling for customers, the Vetica team has worked closely together with Laufen to design new and universally applicable icons for these functions. A new icon for each function, which is now activated when the corresponding movement is made on the Faucet.

The new Vara multifunctional tap from Laufen will be presented for the first time at the Swissbau trade fair in 2024.


THE classic

The bestseller of LAUFEN the series LAUFEN Pro was redesigned by Vetica a few years ago with a lot of sensitivity and follows a consistent, production-optimized concept. Thanks to its slim silhouettes and clearly defined curves, LAUFEN Pro S looks light and elegant. The aesthetics of LAUFEN Pro S thus move in the direction of the premium design lines of LAUFEN – and remain affordable for everyone.


Viva la Riva

The Riva shower toilet sets new standards in terms of design and engineering. The noble elegance and discretion are the result of innovative technology and a clear design. A bathroom object with a simple design language and minimalistic ceramics that conceals high-end technology and a lot of swiss creativtiy. The classic rotary knob serves here as the central operating module. The multifunctional talent made of polished stainless steel, which can be intuitively grasped, unites all the technology and aesthetics.

Cooperation with the LAUFEN managers takes place on many different levels. From strategy consulting, portfolio analysis, industrial design and engineering of bathroom products, the UX/UI, to the development of design guidelines.


Because less is more

Focus on the essentials and no compromises in hygiene – these were the only design specifications for the Cleanet Navia. With its sophisticated operation, concentration on the core functions and timeless design, it is the ideal introduction to the world of integrated shower toilets. With its timeless ceramic body, the Cleanet Navia integrates harmoniously into any bathroom ambience. This means more design quality through the familiar aesthetics and more quality of life through intimate cleaning with pure water.


A success story since 20 years

The contemporary bathroom series that pleases all around. Perfect shapes ensure pleasant comfort and practical functions make everyday life more comfortable. The design has been consistently designed without superfluous elements, with the emphasis on function. The close design cooperation with LAUFEN has resulted in the best-selling ceramic classics from LAUFEN: MODERNA, SOLUTIONS and LAUFEN PRO.

ARWA sense

New self-confidence in the bathroom

Right from the start, the design focus was on the precise and proud silhouette. A silhouette that appears iconic in an unobtrusive and high-quality form. Vetica integrated the typical Arwa handle as an important stylistic feature into the overall product design. The flow of the water is reflected in the discreet curves of the fittings line.

The new Arwa sense line of fittings lives from self-confident understatement. By reducing unnecessary joints, the Arwa sense line is easy to clean. Vetica designed the complete product line from a single casting (12 individual products) which can be elegantly combined with any modern bathroom equipment.

“The Cleanet RIVA design process is one of the most complex in the history of LAUFEN: Despite many technical components, the design was supposed to be simple and modest, there was hardly any room for compromise. Vetica, with a great deal of expertise and intuition, has succeeded in translating all our requirements into a pure, pure design and creating a high-quality Swiss product.”

Marion Schulz, Product Manager, Ceramics Laufen

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