Swiss Design, Constant Simplicity

Interview with Peter Wirz, CEO of Vetica Group8 by Interior Magazine Taiwan

The mission of design is to simplify complexity, enhancing efficiency in life. One of the appeals of Swiss design is to observe and learn from different perspectives in usability and adaptability, resulting in intuitive and human-centered designs throughout product, brand and user interfaces.

Peter Wirz, the CEO of Vetica Group, and his team have been working with LAUFEN for 18 years. This long-term collaboration and the remarkable design experience furthered the interest of Interior Magazine. Vetica was also highly recommended by Twiggy Co., Ltd, the exclusive distributor for LAUFEN in Taiwan.

LAUFEN products are icons for outstanding technology and design aesthetics among all bathroom solution providers worldwide. They combine the integration of heritage and innovation in a classic yet contemporary approach. The more research in terms of usability the design team can conduct, the more adaptive and feasible a certain product can become, meeting or even going far beyond users’ expectations. The biggest challenge throughout the collaboration is to figure out the huge differences of user habit, between eastern and western cultures. However, the need for design aesthetics has been enhanced across all global consumer markets. Peter Wirz and the Vetica-Team amplify the spirit of Swiss design – keeping the baseline of being simple and practical, to learn from the diversity of user experiences and requirements.

This is what makes the Laufen Pro and Cleanet Integrated Series the most favored products in the Taiwanese market.

In short, Vetica Group develops promising user-oriented bathroom solutions, perfectly designed for a contemporary lifestyle.