Review: 20th anniversary celebration

On 07.09.2018 we celebrated our big Vetica anniversary celebration in Lucerne with many emotional moments. A big thank you to all who joined in the celebration.

1998 was the year in which a product called iMac came onto the market and in the same year Peter Wirz founded a small but fine design agency in Lucerne.

20 years later, the then small office became today’s Vetica Group AG. So it was time to pause, to look back and above all to say thank you. A wonderful opportunity to toast with long-time friends, companions, comrades-in-arms and loyal customers.

We would like to express our special thanks to the two signposts and companions, Carsten Jörgensen and Walter Eichenberger, who have been supporting Vetica for more than 20 years, both professionally and personally, and have made Vetica what makes it unique today.

With around 35 permanent employees and around 15 freelancers, Vetica is today not only one of the most successful and largest design agencies in Switzerland, but has also been able to compete with the best internationally for years.

We look forward to 20 more exciting years