New identity for an innovative medtech company



New identity for therapeutic cancer screening - a brand development for 3D pathology solutions

Nebulum Technologies Co. Ltd. is developing an innovative 3D bio-imaging technology to fill the technical gaps of traditional 2D pathology slices. This opened up new possibilities for clinical cancer diagnosis in the fields of biological research, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Because of this innovation by Nebulum Technologies, Vetica’s entire brand identity has also been revamped. Nebulum’s USP’s should be apparent at first glance. In an iterative process with the Nebulum team, we developed the branding to support the unique brand values and establish a clear structure of services.

Vetica’s first task was to create a unique logo for Nebulum’s brand identity related to life, its organic cells and tissues. The goal here was to enhance the uniqueness of the brand beyond the technical biotech space. Another goal was to help develop brand resonance and recognition in the market.

The logo consists of a simple diamond-shaped geometric pattern embedded with an inverted white line reflecting the capital letter “N” of the brand name “Nebulum”. To create a professional look, a blue color was chosen, combined with a continuous line pattern. The repeated use of the blue brand color in the design is not only to create rhythm, but is also meant to symbolize the movements of life.

Icon designs for easy process implementation

Vetica additionally also developed a supporting icon design to showcase the professional and scientific process at touchpoints, such as the product catalog or online website.

Outreach benefits of a start-up brand

While building the company as a biotech start-up, Nebulum recognized that building brand equity requires solid and steady steps to build a long-term and consistent image and extend the benefits of brand reach to future markets. The Vetica team is honored to be involved in the early stages of Nebulum’s brand building.

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