An Image tells you more than a thousand words.

Thomas Kettner, our expert for photography and videography, shares his perspective on why a professional corporate imagery is an absolute must-have in today’s world.

Pictures tell you more than a thousand words. Why is that? It’s simply because people today no longer want to read. They want to grasp what it’s all about in a very short time. With this mouthpiece, only one thing matters: And that is stopping power: the standing time of an image is usually not even one second when scrolling through. So I have to manage to capture the viewer in that second. Storytelling therefore needs hardly any words, but strong images. With moving images, it is even more complicated. The core message has to come across in the first three to four seconds to keep the viewers watching the rest of the film. That is not easy. That makes it all the more important to communicate very clearly. If you think you’re alone in the competition, then you’re sadly wrong. Why is it so important nowadays for companies or brands to present themselves to the outside world with a clear image style that is focused on them? Because an independent image style tailored to the brand increases visibility. It is important that the brand is recognised in the very first second. The message and the soul of a company should be clearly recognisable in these visual worlds. It thus becomes clear to the viewer what the values of a company are. Because not only hard facts count. In the best case, every customer becomes an individual brand ambassador of a brand. But this will only happen if people can identify with the product, the appearance and the message of this company.

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