Vetica’s Brand Salon

2020.12.7 Mon. Vetica assisted its brand client 720 International Corp. in a brand training session. The session started with the brand’s origins, explaining the characteristics of a successful brand, its success factors and its aspects of brand composition. This was followed by an explanation of the brand transformation process and a review of the five-month rebranding process with the client. Finally, in the explanation and experience sharing of the new brand identity system, we look forward to opening up a new future of the new identity system together.

Before noon on the day of the event, the Vetica team was in full swing preparing the venue, testing the files and audio-visual equipment that would be used in the training sessions. For the first time at the Vetica Brand Salon, the Vetica team designed two brand cards for the new corporate brand identity, which could only be owned by the members who participated in the brand training. There were also a variety of marketing products introduced by the new identity system, including product catalogues, envelopes, letter paper and business cards.

During the training session, Vetica explained the five characteristics of a successful brand, the three C’s factors of brand success and the 4W’s of brand composition, and that the ultimate goal of branding is to create a clear and consistent brand impression in the minds of consumers. In the course of the rebranding process, the team members of client were given a complete overview of the 720 brand values, the brand vision and mission, and the new identity system that has been developed in line with the brand values. The aim of the brand training is to enable each business partner to internalise the brand values through a deeper understanding of their own brand.

At the end of the two-hour brand training session, each future 720 brand ambassador wrote a message on a brand card. Laura, the Deputy General Manager, looked forward to a new look for 720 and a new future for the brand as the design concept “To Be Indomitable And Show Its Hand”; Kevin, the Design Director, expressed his hopes for 720 “To Be Brave And Bold”; Jeff, AL, Lpis and Angela, the Sales Representatives, believe that new changes will be initiated and 720 will ” Recreate The Record “; Customer Service Partner Ryan and Administration Brian uphold 720’s core values and expect 720 and themselves to be “Innovative And Progressive in Every Way”.

The rebranding is just a starting point; delivering and maintaining the brand values requires the concerted efforts of each and every brand ambassador. The brand transformation process has refocused the team, and a team with a common belief will go further and faster. We have seen the hopeful new future of 720 through the sharing of the 720 International Corp. team.