Vetica Taipei New Office— Among Culture and Creativity

Vetica Taipei unfolds a new chapter upon moving to its new base in Dadaocheng, Taipei — An area of historical richness.

“The only constant is change.” 
In the beginning of summer 2018, Vetica Taipei unfolds its new chapter after based in the heart of Taipei for more than a decade, where we have set milestones of branding design in Asia. Farewell to our good old office nearby the Taipei main station amid travelers and city hustle, we moved to Dadaocheng, an area of historical and cultural richness.

Dadaocheng is the old town of Taipei, which was once the most important and flourishing commercial area since the opening of Tamsui harbor at the end of 18th century. Architectures of Baroque style, Chinese Minnan-style houses, western-style brick buildings, and temples of local beliefs shape the main streets. Today, Dadaocheng is thriving once again with the energy of cultural creativity. You can see traditional shops with hundred years of history alongside stylishly design spots, creating an unique and fascinating vibes of Taipei where the old meets new, and shine together.

The Vetica Taipei new office locates in a three-floored, old Japanese-colonial style house. It has delicate wooden doors and window lattices that blends a touch of Asian culture with modern, simple design energy of Swiss legacy. Surrounded by cultures and stories, the team members can always have spiritual encounters at every corner. We look forward to the next chapter of Vetica Taipei, that it will continue to grow more globally and locally, creating outstanding designs and set milestones in the new base.