The pioneering AC charger for the home

ABB's first end-user product was unveiled at CES 2023 - the pioneering AC charger for the home.

Vetica has developed the customer needs by means of persona definition, qualitative interview (customer survey) and the resulting requirements. On this basis, the innovative product design including the user guidance UX/UI was developed, with a focus on sustainability and efficiency. The process was especially through 1:1 prototype (rapid prototyping) and the workshops fast and constant exchange.

The new ABB Terra Home charging station offers an unprecedented range of options. It enables an even greater number of people to easily switch to electric mobility.

ABB E-mobility’s new Terra Home charging solution not only sets a new benchmark for sustainable charging solutions, but also for style and ease of use. VETICA’s minimalist design, choice of materials and variety of options for custom covers mean it fits seamlessly into any architecture and lifestyle.
Interactive LED indicators show the status of charging, while notifications of charging status are easily accessed via the ABB E-Mobility Charger APP, which can also be used to authenticate a charge, ensuring that only the owner can connect to their Terra Home.

ABB E-mobility’s new home charging solution thus helps drivers achieve their personal sustainable mobility goals.
The cloud connection between Terra Home and ABB E-mobility allows the charger to be maintained quickly and efficiently from a distance. Remote firmware updates further ensure future-proof and continuously updated usage.

ABB Terra Home