The full potential

The full potential

It is indisputable that Apple is so successful not least because it sells the best design option. Apple is considered a definite go-to place when it comes down to find solutions for corporate success. One of the most important part is the excellent application of design! Apple has a holistic understanding of how it wants to be recognised as a company. Design plays a key role in this, because it creates relevant and clearly differentiating experiences for the customer: regardless if its a purchase in the Apple shop, e-shop, on the product itself within the interaction.

Why do so few follow this example of design excellence? And why do most companies fail to exploit the potential of design? Is it because they lack the know-how to use design optimally, or is it simply ignorance? Possibly both!

In order to reach the full potential, two things are necessary:

1. Constantly develop and optimise your own skills.
2. An inner fundamental attitude that constantly demands point nr. 1

In business, as in competitive sports, only those who combine skills with drive and discipline win in the end. Countless examples show that talent and luck without training produce just short-term winners. The successful ones permanently develop their ability on the basis of their excellence thinking. And in doing so, they don’t just rely on what they can recognise and work out themselves, but they enlist support and expertise.

Developing & Saving

Many companies are excellent in their core capabilities and therefore believe that this is enough to compete. However, SMEs in particular, which are usually driven by excellence thinking in their products, overlook the fact that they need help in their ability to design customer experiences. Because when several suppliers with the same offer are competing for customers, those who represent a clear identity and attitude – and if this differentiation is reflected in all touchpoints – will be given preference.

Excellence in design is an expression of excellence in the company, whether in products or services. For excellence to be perceptible to customers, it must be part of the company’s DNA.

Developing design capability is a process for many companies. There is no shortcut here, as there could be with doping in sports. Some try it by making themselves “pretty” and treating design superficially and “putting it over” to cover their products.

But customers notice this very quickly and the deception is exposed. Today, customers notice more and more quickly whether a company really takes its design excellence, and thus the concerns of the customer, seriously.

Currently, many companies are seeking external support in developing their design capabilities. In times of resource scarcity, it is important to combine saving and developing. Old skills and ballast must always be built up in the context of the new skills and resources needed.

In these challenging times, Vetica stands by its clients with modern methods and services for design excellence. Not to embellish, but to develop the design capability in your company. Many businesses do not have to possess all these competences fully themselves, but can build it up piece by piece and rely on professional partners. However, what you always have to bring is the consistent pursuit of excellence!