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Freedom – with diabetes

Since 2003, the name Ypsomed has been synonymous with high-quality injection systems for self-medication and in the field of diabetes care. From 2010 onwards, this globally operating Swiss medical engineering company commissioned Vetica to develop a consistent product portfolio for the umbrella Ypsomed brand as well as the B2C brand MyLife.

From the very outset, we wanted to enable diabetes sufferers to have the greatest possible independence and quality of life. That’s why our designers put benefits for patients, a uniform formal language and simple, error-free operation at the heart of their deliberations while developing the product design.

Injecting ideas into medical engineering

The injection and measurement systems had not only to measure accurately and safely, but also discreetly and simply, all while being as natural to use as a smartphone. Our work began with an analysis involving international experts, various focus groups and specialist doctors. We then drew up a number of different utilisation concepts to ensure an intuitive interplay between all the elements.  The co-creation between our designers and Ypsomed’s engineers resulted in several patents and products that not only make life easier for patients, but also gained international recognition and won design prizes.

Mockups and sketches of Ypsomed products

Drug Delivery Systems



Ypsodose edge to edge

Mylife App

Mylife edge to edge
Mockup screens


Blood Glucose Meter UNIO

09 Ypsomed edge to edge

10 Ypsomed edge to edge
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“Vetica offers us the external know-how that we need. As part of this, consistency and sound knowledge of our business are essential. Over the last ten years of our cooperation, we have learnt a great deal from one another and repeatedly improved the efficiency of the procedures. This is particularly important in the initial stage of a project so that everyone knows what to expect from the other side. That’s why we now see Vetica as an extension of our workbench.”

Simon Michel, CEO, Ypsomed

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