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The future of mobile wound healing


Strategy - Interaction Design - Product Design - Branding


Medical - Industrial goods


  • Taiwan Excellence Deisgn Award
  • Vetica Awards: Reddot
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ANSCARE –  the future of mobile wound healing

Thanks to a holistic approach and the sounding out of all perspectives, the brand strategy, the product design up to the global brand presence, it was possible to give the ANSCARE brand real relevance and sustainable differentiation.

A big step into the future of mobile health care.

The collaboration with BenQ began with the re-branding and repositioning of its bio-medical brand ANSCARE. ANSCARE was founded in 2009 and is a sub-brand of BenQ Materials.

BioMedical products such as those developed by ANSCARE are solutions for effective wound treatment/care in emergency rooms of hospitals and medical practices.
From the very beginning, VETICA has focused on future users such as doctors and nurses as well as the well-being of future patients with their concerns and wishes. One of the first goals of the cooperation was to develop a new, innovative product for negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT).

The new product is extremely light, small and handy. For mobile use it does not require batteries or exchangeable canisters. It is characterized by a simple and intuitive function and a multitude of well thought-out details.

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The redesign of the logo clearly shows the new self-image of the Anscare brand. The characteristic "A" and the independent "r" in the form of a cross symbolise the claim and benefit of the new brand image.

The development of the new product name SIMO and the appropriate brand design, which radiates confidence, innovative strength and performance, was another important task of our work.

The co-creation between BenQ and VETICA culminated in winning the RedDot Design Award 2019 and the Taiwan Excellence Award 2019, and SIMO was also awarded 15 innovation prizes.

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“Bravo! Vetica team. We enjoyed every minute of working, laughing, and brainstorming. Together, we achieved what we were waiting for. A touching, warm human care device comes to each wounded soul of the world with brand new Anscare and love.”

Waye Chen, Business Director, Anscare, BenQ Materials

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