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In collaboration with Vetica, ABB is creating the conditions for the future of emission-free mobility. The first step in this is ABB’s new Terra HP electrical charging staging, which can reload the batteries of electric vehicles in just 15 minutes. 

The market for electric cars will continue increasing in the coming years. The models of tomorrow will have significantly more powerful batteries and thus a greater range. The maths is clear: more electric cars = more charging stations. Vetica developed the product design for ABB’s new Terra HP charging station on the basis of the prevailing standards in the automotive industry. Throughout the entire design process, safety and user-friendliness were of the utmost importance.

Better, faster, further: the ABB Terra HP charges the batteries of electrical vehicles in just 15 minutes

The new Terra HP charging station is designed for public use and has a shatter-proof casing that protects the sensitive components inside. The “window” at the top of the charging station gives surveillance cameras maximum visibility and serves as a kind of traffic light, enabling drivers to see from afar whether the station is occupied or available for use, depending on the colour indicated. ABB has already installed more than 2,000 of these Terra HP charging stations in the United States and Australia. We are therefore looking forward to the next steps on the road to emission-free mobility.

ABB Terra HP charges the batteries of electrical vehicles
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