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A new brand for sustainable outdoor wear

The outdoor lifestyle has been on the rise – and so has the awareness of protecting nature while exploring it.

Xpore is an innovative, waterproof and breathable textile technology invented by BenQ Materials. With its remarkable performance that outperforms the outdoors market competitors in sustainably and functionally, BenQ knew that it needed a strong brand to have its values clearly communicated.

Technological brand. Emotional appeal.

Vetica has assisted BenQ with several medical brands in the past. However, it takes a whole new mindset and approach to step into the outdoor lifestyle market. From strategic positioning to building the entire brand world, Vetica helped to translate technological values into a consistent brand language that engages people.

Creating a name that speaks for itself – “Xpore” stands for the spirit of exploration while highlighting its unique breathable nanopores. Embracing the philosophy of “Adventure for life”, the brand images show respect for nature with a minimalistic design.

Exploring mountains and cities.

It takes consumer-centered thinking to make the invisible fabric technology come to life. As the Xpore technology can be widely applied, Vetica helped to structure out the product portfolios into two major lines – Xtreme for heavy outdoors and Xtra for urban scenarios. Two product lines that serve one purpose: providing the best performance while keeping the Earth unharmed. After its launch in Munich in 2020, Xpore has embarked on the journey to serve sustainably-minded explorers of the future.

We are proud of the excellence of Xpore products and fantastic team works with Vetica. Thank you, Peter and Jillian.

ZC Chen, CEO of BenQ Materials

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