ClientSerene House

Where fragrance meets design

ServicesProduct Design

SectorsConsumer goods

A breath of fresh air

In an effort to meet the growing demand for fresh and healthy room scents, SERENE HOUSE launched a new family of “air friendly” products. These combine a number of different fragrances and a consistent design language to produce an overall solution. Although SERENE HOUSE is technology and innovation driven, it soon realised the importance of consumer demands for more aesthetics and stylish interior design. This led to a partnership with Vetica.

Together with their decision-makers, we laid the foundations for the orientation of the brand and the further development of the product portfolio. Our product designers then translated the brand values into a new design language and developed an innovative modular wax cartridge system. By aligning our product design work with SERENE HOUSE’s strategic pillars, we were able to reinvent the brand’s image in collaboration with Creative Director Carsten Jörgensen.

Designing the perfect scent

Vetica was thus able to provide the SERENE HOUSE brand with a unique position for its pod system and wide range of fragrances, and enable it to differentiate itself from its competitors on the room-scent market. To this end, we had to explore new avenues and pinpoint the brand’s strategic competitive advantages. Today, SERENE HOUSE is one of the trendsetters in the fragrance sector.

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