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Technology for life

Sapido is an Asian tech company that sells networking-technology products and services. The growing demand for simple and interoperable network solutions and electronic communication devices constitutes an open invitation for new approaches. Sapido commissioned Vetica to realign its current brand with its customers and their needs and simplify its existing IOT technology and the associated products.

“One for all” perfectly describes the need for user-friendly IOT networking products. We were able to breathe new life into Sapido’s high-tech devices, making them more joyful and lively. For this, Vetica came up with a speech-bubble symbol as Sapido’s new logo. After all, a speech bubble encapsulates the world of the smartphone and is an iconic, easily recognisable symbol.

The new image exudes energy, while signifying communication and interaction at the same time. The symbol also conveys the Sapido brand’s expertise and gives it a pleasing personality. Both the brand experience and the user guidance have strengthened the perception of the brand at every level.

Making technology more fun

In addition to the branding concept and the new website, we also developed a Sapido app for smartphones and tablets. This app offers everything from internet monitoring and file transfer to webcam operation, video streaming and family surveillance. We helped Sapido integrate its brand into the various human-machine interfaces, for which we set up an intuitive and practical cloud function.

Vetica’s newly developed product-design language for all Sapido products, was successfully implemented on all the different applications and entrenched with the aid of a corporate product design guideline.