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Make advanced surgery more accessible

Traditional surgical methods are increasingly being replaced by minimally invasive surgeries. The demand in the global healthcare market for minimally invasive medtech products is steadily rising. Our customer REMEX offers many technical and price advantages in this growing market with their minimally invasive products.

Until recently, Remex Medical Corp. was only an R&D business unit of INTAI TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION – without a concrete identity. Vetica developed a completely new brand for this R&D business unit and positioned the newly created REMEX brand accordingly. This was done with the vision of improving the health of every patient through simple solutions for minimally invasive surgery.

Vetica’s naming and branding for REMEX laid the foundation for the new brand to compete internationally, enabling further expansion. The new brand strategy and CI/CD give REMEX the boost it needs to achieve this.

From a R&D business to its own brand

Vetica led the co-creation process during the development of the new brand. After an in-depth analysis phase and various workshops, three core brand values were developed for the new REMEX brand: Integration, Empathy and Trustworthiness.

These three values reflect the brand’s vision of providing access to advanced surgical resources for all. REMEX aims to serve medical professionals worldwide, supporting them with intelligent navigation platforms in minimally invasive surgery.

Vetica worked on a completely new naming for the future brand. The name needed to work in all languages, be short and concise, and also establish relevant medical-industrial connectivity. The result: REMEX

The brand name REMEX, combines the prefix of the word “Remedy” with “Max”. The name comes across as powerful and memorable in both pronunciation and meaning.

Branding is always about strategic integration of entrepreneurial thinkingand creativity. Facing a global market with high competition and high market share of European and American manufacturers, Vetica supported REMEX in building the brand image and brand identity system that will enable them to compete globally. In addition, Vetica assisted REMEX in conducting market research analysis to optimize UX/UI issues to improve the user experience and increase the connection of products with the brand.