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LIWIN MECHATRONIC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. was founded in 1981 and is dedicated to the manufacturing and maintenance of various types of elevators.

In order to continue to provide stable LIWIN product quality and improve technology, LIWIN not only invests more in R&D and process technology, but also plans to build elevator test towers in order to continuously improve product intelligence. However, under the pressure in the high- and low-end product market, LIWIN is facing the dilemma of market fragmentation in the mid-range product positioning.

The biggest challenge is how to maintain the existing market share and expand into new markets overseas. Through the Branding Taiwan Project by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Vetica was invited to assist in the rebranding project. Vetica’s mission was to assist LIWIN in restructuring its business structure, redefining its brand strategy, establishing a clear brand identity, and conducting brand training so that brand values would be deeply embedded in every member of LIWIN. With a solid brand foundation, LIWIN can build an international image and expand their market presence.

A New Vision for a Better World

Starting from the analysis of the existing business structure, Vetica and LIWIN worked together to understand their business model and product positioning, while stakeholder interviews helped to understand customer perceptions und the external market status. Finally, the team defined the brand positioning and value propositions through brand workshops.

Redefining the brand values to provide “safe” products the primary goal; to pursue corporate “sustainability” as an important commitment to customers and society; and to promote service with “passion” as a constant attitude. Inheriting the brand values, the corporate vision of “Lifting to Connect” was extended.

A New Identity of Balance in Performance

The brand value was extended as the core, from language strategy to visual strategy, to establishing a new brand identity and a complete identification system. Further, based on the new system, the application design of each contact point was extended. Finally, the complete identification system was integrated into a brand identification system guide to implement brand management.

The concept of “Balance in Performance” is the starting point for the new identity of LIWIN, which is a blend of flexibility and persistence. The design focuses on the lines that form the L and the N as the starting point. The lines that are both rounded (representing service) and strong (representing safety) represent the flexibility and perseverance of the company’s development. The orange color is a blend of red, which expresses passion, and yellow, which represents sincerity and friendliness.

Vetica’s cooperation with LIWIN not only consisted of assisting LIWIN in establishing an international brand image, but also in co-creation and brand education and training; gradually building consensus and brand identity within the LIWIN team. This way the brand spirit can manifest from the inside out to create a long-lasting and sustainable influence.

“The new branding makes the entire LIWIN experience more modern. That's exactly what we wanted: a more European or American look, international and innovative. It shows the liveliness of the company, matching the sustainable development of LIWIN.”