ClientKingwhale 菁華工業

Weaving a Sustainable Future

ServicesBrand strategy, Brand design

SectorsConsumer goods

When Technology Meets Nature: Sustainable Performance Textiles Leader

Kingwhale is a leading innovator in high-performance textiles. With expertise in material science, advanced technology, and services, it provides global clients with high-quality, high-tech textile solutions. As the first textile mill in the Asia-Pacific region to join RE100, Kingwhale is committed to sustainability as much as it is to excellence.

Kingwhale was founded in 1992 and has grown from a five-member team at its inception to operating in Asia, Europe and the US, serving as a leading supplier for major sports and outdoor brands worldwide. The company’s core strength lies in establishing a vertically integrated supply chain from raw materials, spinning, knitting, dyeing, processing, to garment manufacturing. Through innovative textile technology and flexible processes, the company provides clients with comprehensive solutions and meets diverse needs.

Guided by sustainability, Kingwhale developed Low Impact Technology (L.I.T.) for energy conservation and waste reduction, as well as introducing innovative eco-friendly and functional fabrics. Kingwhale joined the RE100 global initiative in 2020 and made a commitment to 100% renewable energy by 2040.

Based in Taiwan and with a global footprint, the company continuously explores various possibilities. While actively expanding its business, Kingwhale recognized the importance of evolving its brand image in line with the times to maximize brand influence and advantages of its products, technology, and services. This will in turn lay a solid foundation for long-term success in the global market.

Vetica Taipei, after conducting qualitative questionnaires and brand workshop with Kingwhale’s core members, aimed to enhance long-term corporate brand value through corporate branding project. The framework encompassed corporate brand copywriting, updated corporate brand identity, brand color palette, typeface, and imagery, as well as brand style guide and an array of brand asset design.

The Iconic π Symbol, An Endless Commitment to Perfection

Kingwhale’s brand identity consists of a symbol and logotype. The original symbol combined the letter “K” with the mathematical symbol “π”. Just Like the infinite digits of “π”, Kingwhale’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is a never-ending journey, with excellence as its guiding principle. Vetica refined the shape and enhanced the symbolic significance of “π” by encircling it in negative space, creating a strong and direct connection. The edges and curves were also adjusted to achieve a rounded yet sleek shape, symbolizing the perfect harmony between technology and nature that the brand embodies.

The logotype maintains a professional look with all capital letters. The strategic emphasis on the initials K and W, slightly larger in size, along with reduced spacing between letters, enhances readability and recognition. The updated symbol and logotype work harmoniously to communicate the essence of the brand.

The color of Kingwhale’s symbol pays homage to its heritage. The vibrant green hue draws attention to the central “π” and reflects the brand’s commitment to sustainability and its dynamic energy. The black logotype conveys the brand’s strength, stability, and confidence as a respected global leader. The sans-serif typeface Kievit was chosen for its modern, clean, and approachable qualities.

Progressing to New Brand Milestones with Innovation, Sustainability and Reliability

With its refreshed brand identity, Kingwhale remains dedicated to its sustainable mission, striving to be a dependable and esteemed global partner while continuously pushing itself to achieve new heights.

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