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When more is more: the new Gübelin and Edigem identity

The long-established Swiss company Gübelin has been in business for more than 160 years and is considered a shining example within the jewellery and gemstone industry. It has a number of branches in top locations in Switzerland and abroad. Within the framework of an international realignment of the company, its management commissioned Vetica with the strategic and formal implementation of the umbrella Gübelin brand.

Following intensive discussions with the Gübelin family and the board of directors, Vetica drew up a long-term strategy and a concept for the umbrella Gübelin brand. In so doing, we strove to develop the traditional Gübelin brand into an international luxury brand in a respectful and targeted manner that covered every touchpoint. The claim “Deeply inspired” neatly encapsulates the company’s passion for valuable gems and objects of eternal beauty. It is far-reaching, authentic and inspirational.

A traditional company with a long history and an even brighter future

Today, the new Gübelin luxury brand represents far-sighted entrepreneurship and renowned family traditions. It fulfils the high expectations of its select target group and makes a lasting impression on the art of jewellery-making, from the choice of gems and the raw materials through to the design language and the quality of its services and workmanship.

“We greatly appreciated our collaboration with Vetica, which helped us take a giant leap forward in our marketing development.”

Raphael Gübelin, CEO

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