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A bank reinvents itself

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More than a plus

Fubon is one of Asia’s leading financial players. To provide investors and other stakeholders with information about the company’s own corporate governance and financial investment, Fubon optimised its annual report and used this for sustainable brand communication.

Fubon’s strategic core values are summarised by the credo “Fubon Plus – integrity, honesty, professionalism and innovation.” Before we became involved, Fubon’s annual report did not express these values adequately. Vetica therefore designed a concept with more consistency and finesse. To this end, it restructured the content and defined the topics across several issues. This enabled the brand vision and image to be integrated successfully. With its new annual report, Fubon can now convey the company’s brand values to the various dialogue groups and the general public.

Our service comprised the systematic planning of the brand communication, including its core messages. Thanks to long-term planning, Fubon was able to establish its annual reports as a tool for consistent brand management.

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