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A Commitment to Making Positive Impacts

In 1961, Fubon started out as Taiwan’s first private property insurance company. “Fubon,” named by the late founder, Chairman Tsai Wan-Tsai, symbolizes prosperity and stability in Chinese. In 1992, a new group-wide corporate identity system was introduced to integrate affiliated companies under the name Fubon. Akin to the convergence of many small streams into a mighty river, Fubon’s journey has firmly established itself as a leader in Taiwan’s financial sector for over 60 years. Its reach has expanded into telecommunications, media services, real estate, cultural and creative services, sports, and public welfare services, evolving into Taiwan’s largest financial conglomerate. Chairman Tsai upheld Fubon’s three principles—integrity, diligence, and modesty—throughout his life, tirelessly striving for long-term success.

Since 2013, Vetica Taipei has been devoted to designing the brand key visual for Fubon Group’s Company Profile, inspired by the Group’s three principles and positive energy. For the 2023 project, the key visual design plays with Fubon’s iconic blue and green colors, embodying vibrancy and sustainability through depictions of rivers and mountains on the horizon. Transitioning from dots to curves and circular sectors, the design dynamically expands, mirroring the Group’s consistent progress and ever-expanding influence. This imagery reflects a powerful river flowing into the ocean, and the layered majesty of mountains, symbolizing Fubon’s contributions to the society by spreading robust, positive energy and fostering virtuous cycles. At the same time, it continues to deepen its roots in the region and expand globally. The overlapping of blue and green represents Fubon’s commitment to balancing growth with sustainability, thus creating harmony with nature.

As a socially responsible enterprise, Fubon strives to give back to society, actively contributing to society and the environment. For over a decade, Vetica Taipei has, and will continue to, assist Fubon in promoting its positive energy through clear and impactful visual designs that convey the Group’s enduring values: integrity, diligence, and modesty.

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Vetica Team has a long-term cooperation with Fubon constantly of yearly Fubon Financial Holding's Annual Report and Fubon Group Corporate Profile, providing refreshing visual creativity of our publications for brand communication! Thanks to Vetica's professionalism, high efficiency, and excellent quality, we have been able to remain the brand reputation of Fubon's corporate image.

Cindy Lin, Executive VP, Fubon Financial