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A Leader in Green Finance

Fubon Financial Holdings has established a strong presence in Taiwan over the past 60 years. In 2020, it repositioned its brand with a new concept “Be positive, All possible.” It is committed to supporting people in pursuing a better future through positive energy, comprehensive financial services and innovation. In 2015, the company launched the “Fubon ESG Visioning Project,” and crafted a fresh “Run for Green” theme in 2021 that focused on four main ESG strategies – decarbonization, digitalization, empowerment and connection. Fubon has been leading a green transition in Taiwan’s financial industry with a mission to create benefits for the society and the environment. Building on its success in Taiwan, the company will continue to expand into other parts of Asia, steadily moving closer to its vision of becoming one of Asia’s first-class financial institutions.

Since 2011, Vetica Taipei has been dedicated to creating the brand key visual for Fubon Financial Holdings’ Annual Report. Our goal is to capture the company’s positive energy and eco-consciousness through static and animated graphics.

In the 2022 project, we showcased Sun Moon Lake, one of Taiwan’s natural wonders, as the backdrop for Fubon’s brand logo. The imagery symbolizes the company’s ambition to always aim high and far in order to thrive sustainably. The animation continues the lake theme, incorporating looping gradient colors of golden yellow, light blue, pink and indigo. These changing colors represent the perpetual cycle of day and night and the never-ending circle of life. The visuals convey that Fubon, with its positive energy and people-oriented financial power, is constantly evolving and adapting to changes in the global financial market. By leveraging its forward-looking expertise, the company creates new possibilities and supports people in achieving their dream lives. Fubon is also committed to being a role model for green finance and aligning with international ESG norms. These efforts will pave the way for future growth opportunities.

Fubon Financial Holdings is resolute in its pursuit of becoming Asia’s first-class financial institution. With an unparalleled range of services, Fubon has become an integral part of people’s daily lives. The company continues to enhance its services while prioritizing stability and reliability. For over a decade, Vetica Taipei has worked tirelessly to strengthen Fubon’s influence through comprehensive brand management strategies. The 2022 key visual design clearly communicates the company’s remarkable achievements in sustainable development while ensuring prosperity for generations to come. It also conveys Fubon’s promise of being a reliable force for good in society, along with the “Be positive, All possible” spirit to the public.

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Vetica Team has a long-term cooperation with Fubon constantly of yearly Fubon Financial Holding's Annual Report and Fubon Group Corporate Profile, providing refreshing visual creativity of our publications for brand communication! Thanks to Vetica's professionalism, high efficiency, and excellent quality, we have been able to remain the brand reputation of Fubon's corporate image.

Cindy Lin, Executive VP, Fubon Financial