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A gift from Mother Nature

Formosan is a young Taiwanese tea brand. Its owners hoped that a new packaging design and branding would position it optimally on the market. Formosan’s founder, Yvonne Han, used her sound academic know-how in agricultural innovation to support independent tea farmers. She therefore focuses on single-origin and fair-trade tea.

Emphasising the source enables consumers to enjoy this locally grown tea with a clear conscience. To preserve natural resources, the seasonal volumes are limited depending on the harvest. Creating an unmistakeable brand image is always challenging for a new brand.

As an initial step in developing the brand, we teased out Formosan’s core values, namely: “common good,” “sharing sustainability,” “heritage in classic,” and “persistence in aesthetics.” These values are aimed at urban elites who care about social issues and sustainability.

A unique tea experience

The simple font and square layout elegantly sets the logo and is reminiscent of square plots of farmland. The gift set is made using rustic materials. The modular arrangement of the tea bags within the packet allows for high flexibility in designing the various tea sets. Each tea type is also presented in a separate colour on the packaging.

A tea for pure enjoyment

The new brand design visualises the values that represent Formosan Farms: high quality in the rustic beauty of Taiwanese high mountain tea. This young and very ambitious brand has made a very promising start in its aim to supply the world with the very best tea.

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