ClientDie Post

Switzerland’s iconic yellow boxes

ServicesProduct Design

SectorsIndustrial goods

Your post office

Swiss Post ran a design competition to make its approximately 20,000 postboxes safer and more uniform. Having won the call for tenders, Vetica replaced the 13 different postboxes that shape the image of the Swiss landscape with a uniform all-rounder, boasting an optimised shape.

Our analysis clearly showed that throughout Switzerland, postboxes are viewed as a “miniature post office” and thus represent an important brand ambassador for Swiss Post. The concept our product designers dreamt up was a “smiling” postbox; an allusion to a friendly postman and the visualisation of the core brand values of friendliness, helpfulness and a solution-oriented approach. We also provided this modular system with new benefits for customers: a larger area for information, a wider slot (accommodating up to B4 letters), a theft-prevention mechanism, a security lock and a 100% effective system to prevent mail from seen from the outside.

Product design for the entire nation

The feedback from Swiss Post customers has been uniformly positive. Some 20,000 postboxes have already been installed. They are modular and cost-optimised, have an innovative design and are produced entirely in Switzerland.

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