Client: Dancing Tea

A pleasure worth dancing to

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Tea that makes the senses dance

The Yeh family are pioneering tea producers in the Wuhe region of Hualien province in eastern Taiwan. The family dreamt of conquering the market with their organically cultivated tea, thus establishing Wuhe as a renowned tea region.

We helped the Yeh family’s dream come true. For this we created a new brand. After analysing the domestic tea business and consumer behaviour, we defined the brand personality. Vetica then developed the brand story and an extensive brand world.

The name Dancing Tea arose out of the literal translation of Wuhe (“dancing crane”). We also structured the product portfolio into three categories: fully fermented, partially fermented and non-fermented tea. We also developed a novel packaging design that is simple to use and provides high recognition value.

Thanks to our strategic planning and designing skills, the Dancing Tea brand has been able to establish itself as a serious player on the national and international tea market. This not only helped the Yeh family to successfully raise awareness about its Wuhe tea but also increased the presence of Dancing Tea in various retail channels.

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