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Good design for a great taste

Coco Life was founded in Taiwan as a start-up by three entrepreneurs with international managerial experience. The aim was to give the traditionally oriented agricultural industry a boost.

The founders’ in-depth understanding of international markets enabled the creation of a new brand and an innovative product: Coco Easy. In order to position Coco Easy successfully, Vetica was brought in to act as a branding, packaging and innovation partner for this project. Coco Easy is a refreshing coconut drink sold in a real coconut that requires no additional packaging and is simple to open with just one finger thanks to a patented modification of the coconut shell.

In order to offer consumers an optimal gustatory experience, Coco Easy is sold as a set together with a wooden spoon and a natural straw. The difficulty was that coconuts are a natural product that has different shapes and continues to ripen and breathe, depending on when it is harvested. This new type of packaging had to meet high demands to ensure that it both perfectly presented the product and met the strict hygiene requirements.

After countless tests, Vetica developed a novel packaging solution that is appropriate for a natural product like the coconut.

The smart coconut

A smart design concept enabled Vetica to create not only a new brand and innovative packaging, but also a new kind of customer experience.

“This design concept solves the task of developing a packaging for fresh coconuts through a consequent extension of the fruit. A clever opening, for inserting a straw, was added to the shell itself, while a breathable and waterproof plastic seal bag protects the coconut and gives consumers a view and proof of the fruit’s quality. This communicates the brand message of offering a real natural product both properly and pleasantly.”

Quote from reddot jury

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