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More comfort wherever you are.

Clesana developed the first waterless mobile toilet with bag system. The design for it comes from Vetica. In this close collaboration not only a revolutionary product was created, but also a modern holistic brand.

Closac becomes Clesana.

This portable toilet can be used anywhere where mobility and hygiene need to be simplified: In caravans, in yachts, in health care and in civil defence. This first waterless toilet with bag system was called “Closac” at the beginning.

The branding experts at Vetica soon realised that this revolutionary product called “Closac” would be difficult to market. A new brand name was needed.

Your toilet to go!

The complete name was developed within a very short time and only one workshop and should already radiate the values “hygiene and health” in the name. With the word combination “clean” for cleanliness and “sana” for health, the new brand name “Clesana” was born and registered as a .com domain!

With this name and the product we developed a completely new brand world in close consultation with the owners and the managing director of Clesana.

Starting with the brand strategy, we redesigned all relevant touch points. The first thing we created was the new CI/CD for Clesana, which stands out with its modern shape and color selection, and which can clearly distinguish itself from its competitors with its holistic new appearance. In addition, a new visual world and illustrations were created.

The new branding was also used in the development of the website. Vetica developed and programmed it from scratch. From the first navigation structure (menu) to the finished website, everything from a single source.

“We have set ourselves the goal of simplifying the life of our customers with a waterless mobile toilet. Hygiene and simplicity on the road. With VETICA, we have developed a new name, a new brand with brand strategy, a new product and brand design - so we can now optimally implement our vision!”

Markus Erb, CEO Clesana AG

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