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The BenQ Materials Corporation is a division of the BenQ Group. In addition to conducting research on materials, BenQ Materials focuses on the fields of medical engineering, alternative energy and biomedical products. In recent years, Vetica has been fortunate to be able to develop the branding for a variety of sub-brands, including Anscare, Miacare and DermaAngel.

In order to design the different customer experiences, brands and messages as precisely as possible, Vetica provided all three brands with a separate corporate identity, corporate design and product design.

In designing a customer-focused presentation for BenQ Materials and shape the DNA of its sub-brands, it was crucial for us to understand the different customer groups. Vetica defined the visual identity for all three brands. The topic of innovation was omnipresent in all brands and products and therefore had to be locked into customers’ perception. The succinct visual implementation of the individual messages enabled us to attract new groups of customers for both the BenQ Materials brand and its sub-brands Miacare, DermaAngel and Anscare.



“Honestly speaking, I am personally very impressed by the work Vetica is doing.”

Mr. ZC Chen, CEO, BenQ Materials

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