ClientBaumberger Wassermann

A new website for an architecture firm

ServicesInteraction Design

SectorsService Industry

Baumberger Wassermann AG is a well-known architecture studio in the city of Zurich and approached us with the wish for a redesigned and upgraded website.

The web design experts from Vetica worked out all the requirements for a new website in a workshop, including an analysis of the current situation and the definition of the personas to be addressed in the future.

Together with the bw-p team, Vetica developed the new menu structure for the website and then created two design concepts with different approaches to colours, fonts and images. The bw-p team chose the first concept and provided additional input to finalise this modern WordPress website. The new responsive website now includes a clean, comprehensive project portfolio ( which can be sorted into new buildings, renovations and studies), insights into the work of the architecture firm, as well as current news and information.

Our services in this project: strategic consulting, website conception, screen design, customisation of the content, development of the WordPress website and go-live coordination.

Here is the final result:

“If you compare the collaboration with Vetica to a good wine, it would first surprise, then unfold its bouquet with style until it finally manifests itself on the palate with a convincing finish. It was a great pleasure and very inspiring, thank you!”

Annina Wassermann & Bettina Baumberger, Owners of Baumberger Wassermann AG

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