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Rebranding with a clear focus on customer needs

AGP manufactures power tools for various industries, including metalworking, concrete and stone processing, and the airless paint spraying industry.

In 1989, AGP started as a 2-person family business manufacturing small power tools for the Taiwanese market. Thanks to years of dedication and continuous expansion, AGP has grown into an international company with over 180 qualified employees that now distributes products globally. AGP Taiwan serves as a design and manufacturing center for global markets.

In response to rapidly changing market conditions, AGP’s founder decided it was time to refocus the company on the growing international ODM and OBM business. This led to a holistic collaboration with Vetica. The tasks ranged from a new Chinese brand name, product portfolio analysis, new packaging design, and restructured product lines. All this was based on a new, long-term brand strategy, which Vetica was allowed to develop.

Bring a brand to life

With the repositioning of the AGP brand in the global market, three new core values were decided upon within the branding project: Practical, Dynamic and Integrity.

The new AGP brand slogan: “Power to achieve anything” paired with a modern, minimalist design and simple visual elements is the foundation of the new AGP branding.

Benefits for everyone – from ODM to OBM

The central question was: how can AGP achieve a unique business ecosystem thanks to a repositioning and transformation of the ODM to OBM business for all customer segments?

Therefore, Vetica supported AGP’s management in building its own strong brand. Vetica also helped name the products by linking product features to user associations. At the same time, the packaging design was aligned with the new product names, making the product itself an important brand communication tool as a brand ambassador. From a brand management perspective, it was important for Vetica to implement the product naming and packaging as an integration tool for brand growth.

In 2022, the new AGP look was launched and was immediately well received!

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