Let’s talk about Vetica – Part 5 KWC

The brand consultants and designers from Vetica have breathed new life into the KWC brand in close cooperation with the client. An interview with the CDO from KWC, Mr. Roland Gloor.

Mr. Roland Gloor, CDO of KWC Franke Water Systems (hereinafter referred to as”R”), shared his branding experiences with Vetica (hereinafter referred to as “V”).

V: How has design affected the KWC brand, and how has it evolved over the long history of KWC?

R: Since the 80’s we have focused with professional awareness on the subject of design, and worked with a range of external designers. We have never let product design be reduced to only the exterior. Over the last several years, design has increased in complexity. Ergonomics, new materials, aesthetics, and sustainability have to be considered in every single project.

V: What is the strategic importance of design for KWC?

R: The values linked by the KWC brand must radiate via good design to all internal and external touchpoints. A product like a fitting, which is repeatedly touched every day, should convey a feeling of timeless precision and quality.

V: How has Vetica contributed to the KWC’s transformation of its brand strategy and brand repositioning?

R: KWC has long been perceived very modestly in the market, with the company’s strengths and values barely being communicated. Vetica has managed to develop a clear strategy, adapted to the different stakeholders, that preserves traditional values. The subsequent reaction can be seen most clearly in the new logo — corporate values and brand spirit bundled into three simple letters. An really strong design performance.

V: What do you most appreciate about the cooperation with Vetica?

R: The constant dialogue in our collaboration. The active consideration of our corporate strategy, the company, and long-term objectives expanded our staff into an extended project team.

V: What is your point of view about the international value of Swiss design?

R: The affinity for the famous Swiss values such as quality, precision, durability and simplicity is also reflected in the design. Our products remain popular in Asia because asian manufacturers do often not have a specific design strategy. We have always had a very respectful and practical approach in dealing with the element of water, and we will continue to do so.


About KWC

KWC was founded 140 years ago in Unterkulm, Switzerland. It is a typical Swiss SME, develops and produces with about 350 employees high quality faucets, fittings and innovative water management solutions for the kitchen and bath. With a market share of 40%, KWC is now the leading kitchen and bath brand in Switzerland. In 2013 with the acquisition of KWC by the Franke Group AG, KWC is now poised towards the future as a global premium faucet brand.

KWC and Vetica

The brand and its products continue to exude a high level of credibility and independence further enhanced by the new branding. This helps to give the company’s prospects a bright future in a highly competitive international market.