Let’s talk about Vetica – Part 4 Bionime

A high-quality healthcare experience with Bionime and Vetica.

“Making products is like making friends. The more true friends you have, the happier your life will be. The more value you create for your future users, the more your life will be enriched by a smile and shared benefits”.

Mr. Roy Huang (hereinafter referred to as”R”), Chairman of Bionime, shared his life experience and beliefs of management with Vetica (hereinafter referred to as “V”).

V: As a leading entrepreneur in medical testing industry, what is your insights in business management?

R: The purpose of business, like living a life, is to create value. Entrepreneurs have to create values from time to time for consumers, the company, employees, shareholders and the public. Medical industry provides personalized services to fulfill customers’ needs in healthcare, which brings reciprocity in connecting to the society throughout philanthropy.

V: The collaboration between Bionime and Vetica started 10 years ago. What do you think about the relations between design and business?

R: Cooperation began 10 years ago in Switzerland. At that time, Bionime concentrated on research, development and production of blood glucose meters. Back then we bought lancing device from the US market. However, these finished products did not meet the high quality and functional standards required by Bionime, so we chose Vetica as our strategic partner for the development of our own lancing device. The costs for design, development and tools were three times higher than when buying a finished product. However, the end result underlined the added value for the patient and from now on we decided together with Vetica to offer the highest possible design quality of our products.

V: What is your dream of life?

R: We can only live a happy life if we do something important. Things that are important create value for others and make people feel valuable in this world because you share something meaningful and that makes your life richer.

About Bionime

Bionime is a leader in biotechnology and medical testing systems. Integrating the most advanced medical, chemical, and electronic technologies with precision manufacturing, the company’s Self Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) system has been fielded with great success. Founded in the city of Taichung, Taiwan, Bionime is now an international enterprise with subsidiaries in Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Australia.

From the very beginning, Roy Huang has worked to build long-term relationships with Vetica. To provide patients with an innovative blood glucose monitoring set that allows patients to share design and function, Bionime, in collaboration with Vetica designers, launched its first proprietary lancing device in 2007 that quickly became popular and a bestseller among diabetics. In order to further improve the company’s image, Bionime also cooperated with Vetica in re-branding the Bionime brand with the goal of long-term, sustainable value creation