Let’s talk about Vetica – Part 3 Ypsomed

The core service of Vetica is to ensure the customer benefit as well as to make sure that Ypsomed business model is unique in the market.

Mr. Simon Michael (hereinafter referred to as “S”), CEO of Ypsomed Group, shared his experiences with Vetica (hereinafter referred to as “V”).

V: How does the product design of Vetica influence the business model of Ypsomed?

SWe are a packager of drugs for subcutaneous injection into the body. So product design is one of the key elements of our value proposition, and because of this product design has a high strategic relevance. Usability is the key element for better compliance. For us, it is not only about the look and feel of a product, but also about the semantics and logic pertaining to its daily use. Good therapy outcomes are only possible when patients understand the system. This is why – for us – design is much more than just about beautiful forms.

V: How much of Ypsomed’s success can be attributed to Vetica?

SThe demand of today’s customers goes far beyond functionality. Intuitive usability, readability and ergonomics are equally important. Vetica has brought these strengths into our cooperation and has developed better products for our customers together with our engineers. Therefore, the core service of Vetica is to ensure customer benefit as well as to make sure that the Ypsomed business model is unique in the market based on its technical platforms, made possible by flexibility and design.

V: What do you appreciate the most about Vetica after all these years of cooperation?

SVetica can offer us the depth of know-how we need. Consistency and sound knowledge of our business are essential. Over the past ten years of cooperation we have learned a lot from each other, achieving ever more efficient workflows. This is especially important in the early stages of a project, because everyone knows what can be expected from the other side. This is why we see Vetica as our extended workbench today.

V: What is the importance of Swiss Design or Swiss Engineering in Asia?

SFor our business in Asia, especially in mainland China, Swiss design and Swiss engineering are recognized as having premium potential with high liability. As a result, it benefits from a leap of faith. This is also one of the main reasons why we stick with a centralized R&D Center in Switzerland and why we bundle our know-how.

V: Where do you see the biggest challenges in the future for Ypsomed?

SThe translation of the high number of customer requests and the customization projects into production are the main challenges we face in the next 3 to 5 years. This will require efficiency in industrialization. Another challenge is the recruitment of highly qualified professionals, especially in the areas of engineering and software development.


About Ypsomed

For the last 25 years the name Ypsomed has stood for high-quality drug delivery systems and for self-medication in diabetes care. The Swiss-based and internationally known Med Tech company, offers a wide range of products and services under the name Ypsomed and through the consumer brand MyLife.

Ypsomed x Vetica

Several innovative products have emerged from the close collaboration of our designers with Ypsomed’s engineers in recent years, which not only make patients’ lives easier but have also found international recognition. In 2010 the injection device “ServoPen”, in 2013 the blood glucose meter “Unio”, and 2016 the new Insulin pump “YpsoPump”, have all received several international design awards.