Let’s twist again

The respectful treatment with Covid-19 is still part of our everyday life. Nevertheless, life is slowly coming back to our design studios.

At VETICA, «co-creation» is not just an empty phrase, but lived practice. In short and intensive Iterations, new ideas and solutions are developed, rejected, reformulated and reassembled. Of course our meetings and workshops in times of COVID-19 also can be done remote. But the product design process lives strongly on dialogue and is therefore not a discipline for digital lone wolves, but more of a team sport.
Interactions within the teams by means many hand sketches, simple 3D models, lots of post-it’s and countlesshaptic material samples are indispensable tools for outstanding results.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients, who continue to support us as partners in these challenging times and trust in the know-how of VETICA.