We are proud to be able to work with many interesting companies, both local and international.

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Industrial goods


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“Vetica offers us the external know-how that we need. As part of this, consistency and sound knowledge of our business are essential. Over the last ten years of our cooperation, we have learnt a great deal from one another and repeatedly improved the efficiency of the procedures. This is particularly important in the initial stage of a project so that everyone knows what to expect from the other side. That’s why we now see Vetica as an extension of our workbench.”

Simon Michel, CEO Ypsomed AG

Service Industry

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“Victorinox appeals to an international target audience. That is why we sought a design partner who understood our brand world and international markets. We have found this partner in Vetica. We are extremely pleased with the work undertaken as well as the end result.”

Carsten Kulcke, CPO Victorinox AG


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