Tung Yu

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Starting position

Over many years, mechanical engineer TungYu has gained a solid reputation as a reliable partner within the Asian industry. With regard to the imminent global expansion, it became necessary to prepare the brand TungYu for international markets and to sharpen its profile sustainably. TungYu chose Vetica’s professional support to redefine the future brand strategy and brand identity. The aim was to develop a consistent high-quality trademark system in order to position the umbrella brand TungYu strategically and visually accurate on the global market. 

The solution

The fundamental idea behind TungYu’s new appearance was based on the brand claim. TungYu’s successes to date mainly resulted from groundbreaking developments in hydraulic forming. Therefore the claim «Forming Innovation» sums up the brand message concisely. The international brand expert Vetica has developed a new identity for TungYu which is not only interculturally comprehensible, but also suitable for any communication channel used by globally operating companies. A consistent use of memorable graphic elements and a design mark representing a stylized hydraulic forming process were important for the development of an independent identity that takes account of the self-assured appearance of a globally operating machine manufacturer. 

The benefit

Vetica’s structured brand process created an understandable and distinctive B2B brand. The advantages and competences of the TungYu Company were optimally transferred from the inside to the outside and have become clearly understandable within the relevant industry.

By close and careful cooperation, planning and implementation with TungYu’s responsible authorities, it was possible to create an unmistakable brand identity in a very short time. The “new” TungYu brand is increasingly perceived as the “best in class” benchmark within its industry and ensures sustainable economic success. 

The branding