Trend Micro

  • Product Design

Starting position

TREND Micro is an international provider of antivirus software for private and corporate users. As the company serves both home and business users with an endless variety of products, TREND Micro felt its famous logo featuring a curled T inside a circle was an obstacle to the development of app icons. It needed a clear system for its app symbols.

The solution

Our interaction experts gave TREND Micro products a simple structure on which a comprehensible app symbol system could be built. To do this we divided the products into two basic categories of home user and business user. Our designers systematised the logo, colours and visualisation so that the two categories could be distinguished visually. Then we created various app symbol designs that could work on the most diverse systems such as Android, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows and Windows 8. Finally we drew up comprehensive guidelines for all future symbol developments.

The benefit

The digital world beats to the rhythm of the flood of apps, steady stream of new mobile devices and the meteoric development of cloud computing technologies. With the introduction of a new, user-oriented app symbol system, TREND Micro succeeded in raising its brand presence significantly. It is now easier for users to find, download and use TREND Micro apps, while becoming fans of the Trend Micro brand. 

The Graphic User Interface Design

Trend Micro has achieved global renown for its excellent network-security management, displaying unwavering commitment to customer service and a consistently innovative approach to its brand culture. Trend Micro has responded to the challenge posed by the long-term unpredictability of trends in network security threats by creating flexible and sustainable solutions. From behavioural modelling and management technology to a wide variety of anti-virus and cyber-defence products, the Trend Micro product range ensures users enjoy the most comprehensive and reliable security management available. Trend Micro has been working with Vetica to refine its overall corporate identity, ensuring the company’s products immediately stand out in the expanding mobile-application market. Our first step was to examine Trend Micro’s product identity and its applications with a view to understanding the firm’s existing image; based on these findings, we devised a solution that would integrate the company’s well-known T-ball motif into its visual identity strategy, which was further enhanced with its corporate colours: red and white. The reworking of Trend Micro’s product-identity system has both sharpened the visuals and improved user recognition of the company’s distinctive product palette.