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Starting Position

Since the mid-1990s, Thermoplan AG, based in Weggis, has been synonymous with professional, high-quality coffee machines. The machines stand out for their high quality and reliability so that some of the world's largest coffeehouse chains are now working with Thermoplan's fully automatic coffee machines.

To ensure that the further product generations of the "Black & White" line also find such approval among customers, Vetica was commissioned with a new concept for the user interface and user guidance. 

The Solution

Based on a comprehensive analysis and user research, the operating concept of the machine has been simplified and adapted to the needs of the machine owners. The innovative machine functions are also an integral part of the new user experience. These offer trouble-free service in the professional coffee industry with a wide selection of coffee drinks. It is even easier and faster to find your way around the newly designed screen surface.

The new Graphic User Interface (GUI) was developed based on the wireframes of the new user concept. It was essential to take the individual circumstances into account when designing: A user interface for a professional machine that creates a very emotional product. Vetica defined a comprehensive graphical language that meets this requirement with icons, fonts, and colors.

The Benefits

The new design of the Vetica GUI offers an intelligent and intuitive user interface that focuses on the needs of the customer (Human Centred Design). Whether simple Americano or cold latte macchiato with a caramel taste and extra foam: with just a few clicks on the self-explanatory navigation bar, you get to the coffee drink you want.

At the same time, the owner of the machine is always aware of its current condition.  In this way, downtimes can be avoided, and the machine can be used as efficiently as possible. With the new GUI, this is easily done without having to read a user manual. Thereby, Thermoplan creates a positive and future-oriented user experience for the customer and the new generation of fully automatic coffee machines.

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