Swiss Post

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  • Product Design

Starting position

In 2005 Swiss Post ran a design competition with the goal of modernising and uniting their approximately 20,000 mailboxes. Having won the tender, we replaced the 13 different mailbox models, characterising the Swiss landscape, with a standardised all-rounder with an optimised shape.



The solution

From our analysis, it was clear that the "smallest mailbox" for letter-posting throughout Switzerland was an important messenger for customers. Our product designers' answer: the "smiling" mailbox. This is a nod towards the friendly postman and a visualisation of core market values such as friendliness, helpfulness and solution orientation. In addition, we equipped the modular system with essential features for the customer's benefit: a generous information area, a wide slot (up to B4), a restraint, a security lock and 100% privacy protection.



The benefit

The Group's management is more than happy with our construction, while feedback from customers is consistently positive. Around 20,000 mailboxes have been installed to date. The design is modular, cost-optimised and innovative. In addition, despite a WTO call for tender, the mailboxes are produced 100 per cent in Switzerland.



The Product Design

The clever mailbox conceived by our product designers has more than a ready smile for Swiss Post. The modular, intelligent and secure set-up is customer-friendly and also makes the postman's job easier. This engaging and trustworthy presence carries Swiss Post's brand values throughout the country – 20,000 times, no less.