• Product Design

Starting position


To fulfill the growing demands for fresh and healthy air, SERENE HOUSE introduced a new idea of “air care” products that combine scent and design as a total solution. In the beginning, SERENE HOUSE was very technically oriented. But they quickly realized that branding should be derived from consumer needs. New product ideas can only be successful with significant innovations. Thus, SERENE HOUSE decided to adopt the professional services by Vetica.

The solution

For an integrated project with strategy, branding and product design, Vetica has to act as a symphony conductor in order to play a beautiful melody with harmony. Firstly, Vetica invited SERENE HOUSE members to generate consensus on the brand directions. Then, Vetica product designers transformed the brand values into design languages, and created a wax cartridge system that was inspired by the capsule concept. At the same time, Vetica also started the brand designs. Through this project, Vetica proved the possibility of coordinating strategy, branding and product design into a single harmonious melody.

The benefit


In order to differentiate from the competitors in the fragrance and scent diffuser market, Vetica and SERENE HOUSE team decided to break with tradition and start from an innovative concept. By combining SERENE HOUSE’s competitive advantages, Vetica soon made SERENE HOUSE a cutting-edge trend-setter in the industry.

The product design