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Starting position

Sapido is a Taiwanese company for network technology products and services, predominantly aimed at the Asian market. The increasing demand for simple, stable and shareable network solutions and electronic communications devices requires new approaches. Sapido's owner tasked us with undertaking a comprehensive re-think of the current brand and simplifying the technology and products.

The solution

"One for all" describes the requirements for user-friendly network products. We injected a measure of light-heartedness and vibrancy into high-tech Sapido. We worked the symbol of the speech bubble into the design of the new Sapido brand image – the speech bubble being a symbol of the smart phone universe and an iconic recognition feature.

The benefit

Since 2012 Sapido has transferred the brand experience to a range of mobile devices and user interfaces, as well as to the design of its products. Brand awareness and a consistent consumer experience came out of this at every level – and Sapido's brand presence is strengthened in the long term.

The branding

The new image exudes energy and stands for communication and interaction. At the same time, the symbol gives the Sapido brand an air of competence and a friendly personality. Now the new brand experience will happen on user interfaces and in product design, strengthening brand awareness by consumers at every level.

The interaction design

In addition to the concept, usability, wireframe and screen design of the new Sapido website, we developed the first Sapido app for smart phones and tablet PCs – a clever, reliable web service that makes life that little bit easier. It includes a series of online features: from internet monitoring and file transfer via webcam and video streaming to family monitoring, everything can be controlled simply from the touch screen. We helped Sapido to integrate their brand into the user/computer interface and put in place an intuitive, practical cloud service.