Royal Dent

  • Branding

Starting position

Royal-Dent, affiliated INTAI Technology Group, is the expert in the production of medical instruments, specializing in dental implant technology. Faced with the challenge of presenting itself as an international brand and conveying a professional image of its MIT premium quality products, Royal-Dent was in need of an branded identity system.

The solution

Vetica blended the visual language of stability and quality into the brand design by directly connecting with the dental profession and delivering the value of reliability in both brand and product quality. The new brand promise, to help the patient recover and smile, “Beyond New Life” was developed.

The benefit

Royal-Dent is now managing its global market stance aggressively through its international dental exhibitions and concurrently developing its business in China. Royal-Dent is now becoming the leading dental implant brand with its advanced technology and new international branding.

The branding